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Erdemont Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 1894

Consecrated 12 June 2008

Advancement - 13 February 2020

Excellent meetings of Erdemont Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Lodges 1894 on Thursday 13 February 2020. The Mark Lodge was pleased to welcome Bro. Robin Rudkin (left), who appeared to enjoy his Ceremony of Advancement. Many thanks to his proposer, Bro. Neil Rossiter (right) for introducing him to our excellent Order.

With each Lodge sponsoring W.Bro. Jon Meyer's marathon run in favour of the 2020 Festival in the sum of £100, £50 from each Lodge to sponsor W.Bro. Ivor Spencer's Cross Channel swim in favour of Blesma, a charity to support limbless veterans, and £155 from the Mark Lodge to sponsor Bro, Robin's charity walk in favour of the Autism Trust it was certainly most productive.

Excellent meetings of great Lodges in our excellent Orders. Come and join us!